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Stay Healthy Food Manufacturing PLC

Stay health food manufacturing PLC is established on 3/5/2013 with an investment capital of Birr 1.5 million. The project under consideration, upon going operational, will generate income mainly from business activities; sales of refined edible oil and by product (oil cake). The oil is sold to the general public for cooking food whereas the oil cake will be sold to commercial livestock farms such as dairy, poultry, and fattening farms.

Our Factory Values and Culture

The following are components of the company’s values and cultures.

  • The company respects the values and contributions of every employee and considers it essential to its success;
  • The company communicates openly and honestly; 
  • Unethical and dishonest practices have no place in the company;
  • The company recognizes and rewards good performing employees in the company;
  • The company believes that staff development is an integral part of its success
  • The company strongly believes that teams, not individuals are the essential unit of the Company for achieving high performance and accelerating growth.


Our vision is to ensure that we produce highly refined and quality edible oil that is cholesterol free for our various customers and also be amongst the top edible oil producers in the East Africa.


Our mission is to establish an edible oil manufacturing company by installing the best equipment and also hire the best employees so that we will be able to achieve our goal of producing highly refined and quality edible oil.


Producing high quality and cholesterol free edible oil using modern production techniques through creation of employment and import substitution. To generate income for the company in order to expand the existing and other development activities in the country

Stay Healthy!

We believe that what we put into our bodies should be minimally processed, actually *improve* your health, and taste like the source. Locally produced and vertically integrated, we bottle and distribute our oils in Ethiopia to ensure top-notch quality and a quick trip from grove to pantry.

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